4 Digital Marketing Tools That Have Grown During The Pandemic

The pandemic turned life upside down for a lot of people, and most of them were corporate geeks who’ve been relying on traditional ways of working for far too long. But when COVID-19 hit and people were forced to work online, a few best free digital marketing tools surfaced that have saved the corporate world a lot of time and energy and made life easier for them as they struggled to work from home.

What are the top digital marketing tools of 2020?

Whether for communication, presentations, team building, or general connectivity, these tools have helped people stay ahead of the pandemic’s devastating effect on businesses and that’s why they’re part of our best free digital marketing tools list. While some people hired services from WordPress SEO Austin, the others tried to figure everything out themselves. Let’s take a look at them below. For measurable results with digital marketing you should talk to experts from Digital Hyve: a marketing company in Syracuse, NY as they have great advice.


Discord is a communication app that surfaced as a team connectivity tool during the pandemic. Initially developed for gamers, the app’s usage quickly evolved as it became a hub for communication between different teams where they could share screens, connect over voice calls and discuss updates for multiple projects in an organized yet transparent manner.

Google Meet or Zoom

Zoom and Google Meet have surely saved a lot of presenters from losing their edge and universities from losing their students. These apps have been in the top-performing list of digital marketing tools this year and we agree that if it wasn’t for them, work, studies, and even family events wouldn’t have been the same.

Google Doc Suite

When it comes to the best free tools for digital marketing, the Google Doc suite takes the cake. It’s a very suitable alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite and the best part is, it’s all online. It’s easily shareable, it allows for teams to edit and work on documents together, and it’s a great way to stay connected for updates when you’re not communicating face to face. From Google Docs to Sheets, Slides, Forms, and even Google Drive, this suite has helped organize a lot of lives pre, during, and post-pandemic.

Udemy, Coursera, and more

Udemy and Coursera took charge when they realized that the pandemic was an ideal time for people to amp up their skills in digital marketing. That’s why, when lockdowns hit across the globe and universities shut down, Coursera announced free access to its courses for students of said institutes. Platforms like these have boosted online learning to a great extent in 2020 and continue to do so with their courses and resources.

Which of these tools did you use the most during the lockdown? Tell us in the comments.

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