4 TED Talks That Will Inspire You To Become Better

TED is a brand devoted to sharing ideas, in the form of short, powerful talks. TED started as a conference in 1984 where technology entertainment and design converged, and now covers almost all subjects, in more than 110 languages, from science to industry to global issues. Here are 4 TED talks that will motivate you and inspire you to become better:

1. Simon Sinek- How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Before talking about the “how” or “what” Sinek talks about the importance of defining the “why” of what you do. This applies to both business and people. You need to decide what motivates you to do it and what drives you before you determine what it is that you want to do. Think of this sort of thing as a declaration of mission or vision. Your work and life will have meaning if you do that and will be able to successfully inspire others.

2. Shawn Anchor – The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance

Focusing on your career’s negative aspects, or whatever position you might be in, is something that troubles all of us. At one point or another, we’re all guilty of doing this. Anchor warns in this motivational talk that this may lead to frustration with your work or something else really because the consequence of that situation appears to be dictated by your attitude towards the situation.

Anchor also discusses a report that found that positivity could be attributed to 75% of the professional achievements included in the study. People who concentrated on the positive aspects of their situation appeared to more easily accomplish their professional goals. Positivity is infectious, so if you’re the sort to still look at the negative side of life, begin to brighten your outlook and not only encourage yourself, but inspire those around you as well.

3. Elizabeth Gilbert- Your Elusive Creative Genius

This one is simple and amazing. Gilbert has some excellent tips for you if you’re having trouble with the creative process. Enable yourself unconventionally to think. We are talking about innovation as an attribute, but what if you look at it as a thing?

For instance, your intellect can be viewed as a fairy that shows up in your life now and then and encourages you to compose a poem or create a piece of art. You can’t explain where the idea came from, so why not in a creative way, explain it. It can in turn lead to increased inspiration.

4. Sam Berns: Philosophy For a Happy Life

One of the most inspiring TED talks you’ll ever enjoy watching is the interesting story of Sam, seventeen, who became the spokesperson for a genetic disorder called Progeria, also known as the aging disease.
Sam refused to allow his condition to define him and tried to resolve constraints that some claimed he would never do. He lived the life he wanted, dwelling not on his disease, but rather his dreams and what made him happy.

So this was our pick of the few of the most inspiring TEDTalks that can motivate you to grow and become better. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

Shari Haider

21 year old Bachelor's student, trying to enjoy and record each and every moment of life.

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