what do you get out of it?

Becoming a mainstreamer will help us grow the community and enable more people to learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies, successfully.

#1 You will gain access to our "Project Spreadsheet" which enables you to easily research any tradable project. You'll only fill inn the information and you will be given a project score. Estimated to be availiable in Q4.

#2 You will get access to the mainstreamer pages on the website which will take a closer look at how can invest, successfully.

#3 We provide monthly project reviews, which are picked by the community using voting polls (ClearPoll).

#4 You'll be able to join our community Facebook group

#5 You'll be able to take part in our partnership competitions and giveaways in the future. They will aid us in our quest to make cryptocurrencies mainstream.

We do not want to buy your attention with free stuff. We want to build a strong and educational community for beginners. Your help is much appreciated.


How do you become a mainstreamer?

Our cause is to make cryptocurrency as mainstream as possible, for everyone. As a mainstreamer you will be rewarded with some benefits in the time to come. 

So how do you become a mainstream member?

All you have to do is help us spread the word, and help others like yourself to invest in cryptocurrencies, successfully with the help of Be Mainstream. Do the following:

Follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook group

The secret password for the spreadsheet and the members section, is revealed in one of the 3 security questions


Facebook group for members

Join our Facebook group. Here you can interact with other members, discuss projects and ask questions. Partnership competitions and news will be announced here.


project investment spreadsheet

The spreadsheet password is provided in one of the 3 questions you are required to answer, for joining our Facebook group.