red flags

There are a few things you should consider before investing in a project, one of them being what we call "red flags". The first one being if a project promise huge gains on your investment. I remember a project called Bunny Token, which would be used on pornographical websites as a payment solution. They promised 1 % increase in value every stage.

Next up is when a project asks for your private key. You should never share your passwords, secrets passphrases or private keys.

The team consists of the group who will adops their vision into a working product. Most projects lists their team members, usually on their website or whitepaper, along with their experience. It's up to you to verify this information. Check out their profile on LinkedIn. If you can't find it there, research their previous company.


The first impression is the one that counts. Are there full faces and names associated with this project? Are there partnerships with other companies? Does the project have any roadmap detailing the nest 12 months? Does the project have a prototype, working product or is it just an idea with a bold vision?

Blockchain isn't the solution for everything, which we've covered in the research section and in our project investment spreadsheet. To better understand what a good blockchain use case is, have a look at this infographic. Is the technology behind the project actually solving a problem? Is there any other crypto that solves this very same problem?