6 Pakistani Facebook groups you should follow if you are a marketer

Facebook has a wide reach, thus Facebook groups turn out to be an amazing source of knowledge for the participants. And this becomes even more accurate when it comes to groups created for the purpose of professionals to interact. These communities help marketing professionals grow with the help of practical advice and tips, as well as outstanding business suggestions that cater to a variety of needs. They’re also a way to expand your network, as they connect you with individuals and companies around you.

Using Facebook groups to their fullest potential might just be the thing that your professional growth has been missing. Here are six of Pakistan’s major marketing Facebook groups you must follow if you want to make it as a professional.

1. KAMN – Khalid Alvi Marketing Next

KAMN - Khalid Alvi Marketing Next - marketing facebook groups

KAMN, a digital community founded by Khalid Alvi, is a Facebook group which acts as an open forum to discuss and critique marketing and advertising campaigns. Such a critique is necessary as it facilitates marketers, may they be old or new, to understand what is good and bad for their brand. With 39.6k members, the group helps improve marketing standards and is definitely something Pakistani marketers must aspire for.

2. Femprow


Femprow by Nadia Patel Gangjee provides entrepreneurship education to women professionals entering the workforce. It aims to empower them economically with the help of the proper entrepreneurial knowledge, capacity building, and further support in their careers. Femprow offers online as well as offline courses, workshops, and growth opportunities. There is also wide support from the community of women and mentors, which can encourage women to achieve their goals.

3. Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer - marketing facebook groups

Voice of Customer, with over 15k followers, is the go-to Facebook page for reviews and feedback for restaurants, apps, services offered by brands, etc. It is a page that helps customers of brands to voice out their opinions and feedback over a certain product or service.

4. SWOT’s Guide to KARACHI’s Restaurants Cafés & Homemade Food

SWOT's Guide to KARACHI's Restaurants Cafés & Homemade Food

For food lovers as well as food marketers, SWOT is an organized food review group trusted by many. It is a place where people share reviews of restaurants, information about where to eat and the latest discounts, etc. Nezihe Hussain, a food lover like many of us, founded the group in 2011 for foodies like her to get together and talk about their experience with food and restaurants. For a food brand, this page would seem like a necessary tool to get the word out about their restaurant/brand, and also it helps one be wary of what not to do as a brand.

5. Tech Geeks

Tech Geeks - marketing facebook groups

With 15k members, Tech Geeks is a private group created by Hira Saeed, and acts as a platform where people discuss Pakistan’s technological landscape. The group includes new technology and gadget reviews, technological trends, interactive live sessions, and information about tech events and up-and-coming tech start-ups. The group gives one an accurate representation of Pakistan’s current and changing technological landscape.

6. Extreme Commerce

Extreme Commerce

Extreme Commerce is a well-known group that has emerged as a major e-commerce platform in Pakistan. It helps facilitate up-and-coming freelancers and entrepreneurs through digital skills, support, and capacity building. It aims to make Pakistani businesses self-reliant and sufficient in this global economy. Sunny Ali, the founder and CEO of Extreme Commerce, aims to empower the youth of Pakistan, and has built this community through his guidance and leadership.

These groups are a major source through which one can interact with like-minded individuals and also be a part of supportive digital communities. Explore the ones in our list above, and let us know if we’re missing out on any favorites!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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