Transfer tokens from A - B


transfer tokens

Sending cryptocurrencies from A - B can be scary at first, due to the fact that if you do it wrong, it's gone (Youtube link).

Let's say that you have purchased 100 USD worth of Bitcoin, from Coinbase. You want to send it to Binance (Exchange for trading Bitcoin and altcoins).

1. Make sure you have an account on coinbase and an account on Binance (Affiliate link, supporting this website).

2. Find your Bitcoin address on Binance you want to send your Bitcoin to. Go Funds - Balances - Find BTC (Bitcoin) - Press Deposit and you will see this:

btc adre.jpg

3. Go to Accounts in Coinbase - Select Bitcoin Wallet - Go to Send - Enter the BTC Deposit Address - Enter the amount you would like to transfer. Make sure that the adress you are sending to is in fact a Bitcoin adress and not the Ethereum address. Press Send when you are done double-checking everything.

4. The transfer will take a few minutes depending on the network.


More and more exchanges will let you buy Bitcoin directly on their website, and or application. But for beginners this is a safe and easy way to transfer funds over to an exchange.