send bitcoin or ethereum from coinbase to an exchange

Are you ready to invest in something other than what coinbase have to offer? Ok. First you need to pick an exchange that has the coins or tokens that you want to invest in. Go to coinmarketcap and find your target. Lets say you want to invest in EOS. Scroll down and click on markets, and you will see where you can invest or trade EOS. I would recommend Binance, as it's easy to use and very popular. Check out the video below on how to transfer from Coinbase to Binance.

Once you have created an account on Binance, you will need to transfer either bitcoin or ethereum to your Binance account. You can read about how you transfer cryptocurrencies here, or watch this Youtube video.

Invest at the right time

It's important that you invest at the right time, to maximize your profits. Buying high is never a good idea. Learn more about how you find the best time to invest over at our mainstreamer only section. (Membership required - Read how to become a mainstreamer here)

how to use the binance exchange

You will need to understand how the exchange works and how to use it, before you invest.


what's next?

You have now completed step 1 to 6, in the beginners guide. When you are ready to take a deeper look into investing or trading in altcoins, you can head over to our members area (Mainstreamer Only). Here you will gain access to our posts on "How to invest successfully". You will learn when and how to enter the market at the best time, as well as planning your exit strategy with beginner friendly technical analysis.