"With great power, comes great responsibility"

One of the more popular comments I get from people when I talk about Bitcoin, is that cryptocurrencies are dangerous, complex and difficult to understand. This was somewhat close to my own perception of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, until I decided to understand it myself.

For those of you curious about the world of cryptocurrencies, without a clue on how to start trading or investing, this website is for you. When I first bought Bitcoin, I lost quite alot of my initial value, due to the fact that I had no idea what I was doing.

On this website, we will guide you through all the important aspects of investing in cryptocurrencies from a beginners perspective. Important topics will be how to buy and sell, how to keep your assets safe, how to spot great projects and how to successfully invest, at the right time. Our members area will provide abit more intermediate educational information.

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We have a members section (Mainstreamer Only) where:

  •  We guide you with more in-depth knowledge on how to invest successfully with easy technical analysis, and bring you some influencial investors to follow.
  • You can interact with beginner and advanced investors in our Facebook group (1st of October).
  •  We provide monthly project reviews, which are picked by the community using voting polls with ClearPoll once they launch in august.
  •  We plan to have competitions hosted by future partnerships.
  •  All the generated revenue from ads on the website and twitter, goes straight back to the community.
  • You will gain access to our "Project Spreadsheet" which enables you to easily research any tradable project. You'll only fill inn the information and you will be given a project score. Estimated to be availiable in Q3.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a financial advisor - Do your own research before investing.

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