Nothing to do During Eid? – Top TED Talks to Watch

Eid holidays this year might feel like a tiny retreat out of the daily corporate fiasco. As kids, we might have had way too many activities to do, but as adults, we’re all usually too involved in our work to partake in other activities. So it might feel a bit off to not have any work to do and have all the time to oneself (one can only hope, though). Some might spend these holidays catching up on sleep, and preparing for a festive Eid, but that might not be the case for everyone. So for the people who are wondering what to do during these Eid holidays, we have a shortlist of TED Talks you can watch that will keep you occupied, and you might even learn a thing or too (fingers-crossed?).

1. What if every satellite suddenly disappeared?

Duration: 4:58

This short mind-blower by Moriba Jah takes us into a world where all of humanity’s artificial satellites suddenly disappear, leaving the world in a state of emergency. Learn how much we depend on them, and the odds of something like this actually happening.

2. Why women should tell the stories of humanity

Duration: 13:13

The male perspective has been dominant in storytelling and creative genius for centuries. Hear what theater director Jude Kelly has to say in this passionately reasoned talk about how an inclusive perspective can help us imagine a gender-equal society.

3. How symbols and brands shape our humanity

Duration: 13:16

In this TED Talk, let designer and podcaster Debbie Millman trace the evolution of branding and explore the power of symbols. It’s a lesson into anthropology x branding that we all need to watch!

4. What if a single human right could change the world?

Duration: 8:06 minutes

What is the main problem that greatly violates human rights worldwide, and why must we challenge it? In this talk, Kristen Wenz, a legal identity expert shares strategies which ensure how every individual can get protected under human rights.

5. Depression, the secret we share

Duration: 28:55 minutes

Andrew Solomon takes us all to a dark corner of his mind through the years he battled depression and talks about what led him on his eye-opening journey.

6. To save the climate, we have to reimagine capitalism

Duration: 7:27

In this short yet bold video, Rebecca Henderson, an economist, explains how capitalism has been left unchecked, which is leading to a vastly destabilized environment and harming human health. Hear what Henderson has to say about reimagining capitalism and what mega-companies can pay for the damage they have caused to the environment.

Let us know which ones you liked best, and which ones should have made it to the list!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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