Everything You Should Know About Engro’s Break ke Baad Program

Engro Corporation is one of the largest corporations in Pakistan which deal with fertilizers, petrochemicals, power generation, and telecom infrastructure. Now, among all these other things, they’ve now initiated Break ke Baad, a program that helps enable the women of Pakistan who have taken a break from employment to transition back to the workplace.

Why is this significant?

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown period, i.e. March 2020 onwards, people all over the world faced difficulties regarding their jobs. Many people were laid off, while others found it difficult to continue their jobs due to various circumstances. But the pandemic was especially more harmful to employed women. According to UNCTAD, the higher the prevalence of COVID-19, the greater the rate of female unemployment. Thus, female labor force participation was more vulnerable to the pandemic.

engro break ke baad

A huge cause of this could be the fact that the role of women in society is perceived as that of a caretaker, especially in the case of Pakistan. It is already difficult for women to concentrate both on their jobs and their household responsibilities, but add a pandemic, and it becomes close to impossible to manage both without draining out completely, given the amount of time that was being spent working from home, meaning they’d to create an even bigger balance between their careers and their home lives. Due to the pressures of this lifestyle, many women ended up resigning from their jobs.

Engro’s Break ke Baad program focuses on helping women who were unemployed for a year or more to adjust back into the corporate environment. It is a great initiative as it would have been difficult to accommodate the wide number of women who have lost their jobs or who have had to leave due to other reasons. This is an important program, as it can be difficult for people to catch up and adjust back into corporate life after a certain period of time.

Break ke Baad gives an incredible chance to women who have been willing to start working again but feel like they might be unaware of the requirements of the market. The program grants a year-long job contract for female professionals who want to resume employment.

There are some criteria of eligibility which the program stresses:

  • The candidate must be female
  • She must be on a career break for at least twelve months
  • There is no age limit
  • Engro’s own ex-employees are also eligible for this program

Such steps must be taken more often to compensate women to combat the lack of female labor force participation in Pakistan. We definitely need more women-led businesses in the market! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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