KFC’s Billboard Trolling McDonald’s Has Become the Talk of the Town

Brands nowadays spend a vast amount of time and resources on marketing, as it is a huge part of what makes up the brand. One of these marketing tactics is brand wars. Oftentimes, major brands have a lot of competition, and even if both those brands are monopolizing the market, challenging the other is part of what makes them strong and worthy competitors.

Recently, KFC put up a giant billboard over the top of McDonald’s outlet in Tariq Road, Karachi. Though for me, KFC’s billboards are unmissable anyway because let’s be honest, it’s KFC. But putting up a billboard right over its biggest rival’s outlet, and that too such a tempting one, makes it more difficult to miss.

pakistan kfc

With the hashtag #KFCFeelGood, and the image of a woman eating and enjoying a KFC crispy chicken, is it a dig at how there isn’t as much hype over McDonald’s chickens as there is for KFC’s? This marketing war took over the internet, and people had quite a lot to say.

Some believe that the point of this billboard is arguable, because if a person comes across that billboard on the way to McDonald’s, they are already at the outlet, thus making the billboard pointless. Some even went ahead to say that people would just assume it’s an advert for McDonald’s, as KFC’s logo is not clear and not in the front, but at the side.

But I believe the major point of the billboard was to create hype over the internet, and so it did. The result of this marketing strategy can have KFC be viewed as the brand which has the upper hand. Sure, some might have made fun of the strategy, and some called it a failed tactic, but just the fact that they were talking and tweeting about it makes this campaign a success.

Will McDonald’s counter this campaign? Or can we read into the silence and assume that it does not faze the brand at all? Do you think this billboard might have adversely affected McDonald’s sales? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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